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Dive Zamboanguita

Dive Zamboanguita

The Municipality of Zambonanguita , Negros Oriental, Philippines is about 28 kilometres (17 mi) south from Dumaguete City.

Zamboanguita is at the southern tip of the province of Negros Oriental and across from the island province of Siquijor.

To the west of Zamboanguita is the municipality of Siaton, and to the north/east is the municipality of Dauin.

Every Wednesday in Malatapay there is an open market with fresh seafood, vendors compete to give you the best service and the best food.

Not just food, it’s a flea market too. It’s a feast with authentic native cuisine. People come from all over to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful seaside extravaganza.

Dive Zamboanguita with Garys aqua ventura diving offers dive trip to Apo island, which is accessible via boat at Malatapay, there are many boats that can take you to the island for scuba diving and snorkeling trips.

Siaton is just a few Kilometers up the coast and offers some great scuba diving at Tambobo Bay in Siaton.

Aqua Ventura Diving' Zamboanguita

Aquaventura Dive Map

Aquaventura Dive Map


Zamboanguita Dive SitesDescriptionDepthsDivers/Snorkelers
MojonFlat coral slope3-18mOWD/Good
Maluay Tire Flat sandy slope3-25mOWD/No good
Malatapay Pier Sanctuary Flat coral slope3-20mOWD/Good
Basak SanctuaryFlat coral slope3-20mOWD/Good
Guinsuan North SanctuaryFlat coral slope3-20mAOW/Ok
Guinsuan South Sanctuary Flat coral slope 3-20mAOW/Ok
DalakitFlat coral slope3-20mOWD/Ok
MayabonFlat coral slope3-20mOWD/Ok