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Aqua Ventura Diving Snorkeling

Local Dauin Snorkeling

  • Duration Whole Day
  • Min Age : 5 +

Local Dauin Snorkeling

Experience the local beauty of nature at our reef sanctuaries! See the tropical fish and sea turtles as well as the nice coral reefs.

Aqua Ventura Divers invites you to delve into the vibrant underwater world of Dauin, a coastal paradise in the Philippines. With an array of reef sanctuaries at your fingertips, this experience promises to be a remarkable encounter with local marine life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and witness the kaleidoscope of tropical fish, graceful sea turtles, and exquisite coral reefs that call Dauin home.

without Guide

Price Includes

  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Entrance Fees


  • $8 / person
  • $22 / person (with Guide)
with Guide

Price Includes

  • Guide
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Entrance Fees


  • $20 / person | Promo $17

Unveiling Dauin’s Underwater Wonders:

  1. Reef Sanctuaries:

    Your journey begins with a visit to Dauin’s reef sanctuaries, a testament to the region’s dedication to preserving its marine heritage. These sanctuaries serve as protected havens for the local marine ecosystem, ensuring that the natural beauty beneath the waves remains pristine for generations to come.

  2. Tropical Fish:

    As you descend into the crystal-clear waters, you’ll be greeted by an enchanting array of tropical fish. Dauin’s reef sanctuaries are teeming with life, offering a spectacular underwater panorama. The vivid colors and graceful movements of these aquatic residents create a mesmerizing spectacle.

  3. Sea Turtles:

    Among the most treasured inhabitants of Dauin’s reef sanctuaries are the gentle sea turtles. Here, you’ll have the privilege of observing these magnificent creatures as they gracefully glide through the waters. The sight of sea turtles in their natural habitat is a profound and awe-inspiring experience, making your journey with Aqua Ventura Divers all the more memorable.

  4. Coral Reefs:

    The coral reefs of Dauin are another focal point of your underwater adventure. These living structures, adorned with an array of coral species, offer a perfect backdrop to the marine life that flourishes within. Witness the intricate and delicate beauty of coral formations, a crucial part of the underwater ecosystem.

Expert Guidance and Conservation:

Guided Exploration: Aqua Ventura Divers is committed to ensuring your safety and enhancing your experience. With their experienced and knowledgeable guides, you’ll receive insights into the local marine life and learn about the ongoing conservation efforts in Dauin.

Aqua Ventura Divers’ reef sanctuary experience in Dauin is a celebration of the Philippines’ local natural beauty. It’s an opportunity to connect with the marine life that thrives beneath the surface, appreciating the wonders of the underwater world. The commitment to conservation and responsible exploration ensures that this experience is not only memorable but also sustainable. Dive into the marine paradise of Dauin with Aqua Ventura Divers, and embrace the local beauty of nature like never before.

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