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Aqua Ventura Diving PADI Adventure Dive

RAID Advanced 35

  • Duration 2 Days
  • Min Age : 15+

Why should you consider becoming an Advanced 35 Diver? The answer is straightforward. Diving is an exhilarating and enjoyable activity, and your passion and curiosity are propelling you to explore the intricacies that influence every dive we undertake. You thirst for knowledge and a comprehensive grasp of the theories that govern deeper recreational and sport diving.

For you, acquiring more knowledge equates to enhanced comfort in the water, leading to a heightened level of enjoyment during your dives. Above all, your aspiration is to excel in your diving pursuits.

The RAID Advanced 35 course is genuinely an “advanced recreational diver program.” It’s a thrilling and enjoyable course meticulously designed to elevate your skills and comprehension of essential aspects of diving. Furthermore, it empowers you with advanced diver knowledge, taking your understanding of dive theory to an exceptionally high level.

How Do I Get My Certification?

To earn your Explorer 35 certification, you need to read the manuals for each section and complete the quizzes. Once you have passed all the quizzes, you can proceed to the exam. It is important to select and contact a RAID Dive Centre and arrange for your practical in-water training. They will arrange your class and in-water sessions and help you with equipment advice or purchases.


  • The minimum age for this course is 15 years old.
  • Be certified as a RAID Open Water 20 diver or equivalent.
  • You must have at least 8 hours logged underwater.

You will be required to a complete some mandatory paperwork which consists of a dive medical questionnaire, a liability release, and a safe diving practices form. If there are any potential medical issues, you will need to complete a medical form signed by a licensed physician prior to participating in any in-water sessions. 

Course Structure

Together with your instructor you will be guided through the following:

  • A review of all your mandatory paperwork.
  • Academic knowledge vital to this program including a review of your quizzes and exam.

During the RAID Advanced 35 program you will participate in six dives, which will include the following:

  • A buoyancy dive to make your buoyancy even better than it already is, this will make you safer, more relaxed and give you even more controlled diving.
  • A navigation dive which will teach you to be more independent, allowing you to explore new dive sites safely.
  • Two deep dives, where you will learn and understand the procedures for planning and executing deeper dives up to 35 meters / 115 feet.
  • A rescue dive where you will learn some important self-rescue and buddy rescue skills. This dive will prepare you for the RAID Master Rescue course.
  • You will then have a choice of one elective dives based on what interests you, although this may be adjusted due to dive conditions, environmental factors.
  • You will gain skills to dive in a range of different environments and dive sites.

Once certified as an Advanced 35 diver, you will be able to dive in an environment similar or better to that which you are certified in, with a buddy, to a maximum of 35 meters / 115 feet.

The RAID Advanced 35 program with Aqua Ventura Divers is an advanced scuba diving course that offers divers an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in recreational diving. 

  1. Certification Level

    The RAID Advanced 35 program is designed for divers who have already completed their Open Water and Explorer 30 certifications. It’s the next step in their diving education, allowing them to explore the underwater world at greater depths.

  2. Prerequisites

     Participants must meet specific prerequisites, which typically include being at least 18 years old, having the RAID Explorer 30 certification (or equivalent from another agency), and having logged a minimum number of dives (often around 30). These requirements ensure that participants have a solid foundation before advancing to the Advanced 35 level.

  3. In-Depth Knowledge

    The program delves into dive theory and principles in greater detail. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of how factors like pressure, gas mixtures, and diving equipment impact dives at deeper depths. This knowledge is essential for safe and informed diving.

  4. Deep Diving

    A significant focus of the Advanced 35 program is deep diving. Divers learn the techniques and safety procedures required for diving to depths of up to 35 meters (115 feet). Deep diving allows participants to explore unique underwater environments and marine life not typically encountered at shallower depths.

  5. Advanced Skills

    Participants refine their diving skills, including buoyancy control, navigation, and problem-solving in the underwater environment. The program emphasizes safety and proficiency in handling various situations that may arise during deep dives.

  6. Elective Dives

    Similar to the Explorer 30 program, the Advanced 35 program allows participants to choose elective dives from a list of options. These elective dives enable divers to focus on areas of particular interest, such as wreck diving, night diving, or underwater photography.

  7. Equipment Mastery

    Divers continue to gain expertise in using advanced diving equipment, including managing gas mixtures like Nitrox, which can extend dive times and safety margins. They also learn about decompression diving and how to manage decompression stops during ascent.

  8. Experience and Confidence

    Participants gain significant experience through multiple deep dives and elective dives. This experience builds confidence and competence, allowing divers to tackle more challenging underwater scenarios.

  9. Safety First

    Safety remains a top priority throughout the program. Divers are educated on the importance of dive planning, monitoring, and teamwork to ensure safe and enjoyable dives.

  10. Certification

    Upon successful completion of the RAID Advanced 35 program, participants receive a certification recognized worldwide. This certification opens up opportunities for diving at greater depths and exploring a wider range of underwater environments.

Aqua Ventura Divers  RAID Advanced 35 program with Aqua Ventura Divers is an advanced scuba diving course that takes divers to new depths, both in terms of depth limits and knowledge. It offers a well-rounded education in deep diving, advanced skills, and dive theory, preparing participants for exciting and safe adventures in the underwater world.

Price Includes

  • Scuba Equipment Rental
  • All required materials and equipment for the course, logbook
  • Dives with a RAID Instructor
  • All Government Taxes & Dive Site Fees


  • $426 | Promo $388
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