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Dive Siquijor

Aqua Ventura Diving Scuba Dive Siquijor

Scuba Dive Siquijor

Aquaventura Divers lets you embark on dive trip to Siquijor Island, only an hour and a half by boat. Siquijor has some great diving spots. With over 15 dive sites to choose from including 3 fantastic walls, 2 sanctuaries, a sunken island and some great muck diving.Siquijor Island is a lovely day trip destination.

Lovely marine creatures you may encounter are Stag horn coral, Anthias fishes, Midnight Snappers checkered Snapper, Snubnose Drummer, Brown Daisy coral, Bucket Sponges, Delicate Sea Whip, Purple Queen, Blue Ribbon eel, Tiger Cowry, Blue side Wrasse,Trumpet fish, Fusiliers, Spotted Eagle Ray, Squid, Red tooth Trigger fish, Amethyst Anthias, Purple Queen Anthias, Blue fin Trivially, Long nose Butterfly, Black blotched Porcupine, Black spine Unicorn, Gilded Trigger, Boomerang Trigger fish.

Other critters to look for would be Blue Ribbon Eel, Panda Anemone fish, High-fin Blenny, Graceful Prawn Goby, Pajama Cardinal, Cardinal fish, Damsel fishes, Longnose Filefish, Harlequin Sweetlip, Chromodorididae, Mantis Shrimp, Stag horn coral, Porcelain Crab, Robust Ghost pipefish, Harlequin Ghost Pipefish, Banded Sea Snake, Razor fish, Black Saddle Snake Eel, Napoleon Snake Eel. We have even seen the extremely rare Hairy Octopus here!

Aquaventura Dive Map

Aquaventura Dive Map


Siquijor Island Dive SitesDescriptionDepthsDivers/Snorkelers
Coco Grove HRFlat coral slope 6-15mOWD/Great
Gorgonian WallSteep coral slope5-20mOWD/Good
MaiteFlat coral slope4-15mOWD/Great
Palaton StaghornSteep coral Slope6-20mOWD/Good
Palaton SanctuaryFlat/Steep coral slope10-20mOWD/Good
Paliton WallRock/coral wall7-32mAOWD/OK
SawangCoral slope/wall5-20mOWD/Excellent
SolangonSteep coral slope5-20mOWD/good
Tambisan WallRock/coral wall5-25mOWD/Good
Takot Shoal (Sunken Island)Shoal coral slope12-40mAOWD/No Good
Tongo PointRock/coral wall10-25mAOWD/OK
Tongo West PointRock/coral wall15-22mAOWD/Good
Tubod PointCoral slope 5-20mOWD/good
Tubod SanctuaryFlat coral slope/wall5-12mOWD/Great
On The RocksSteep coral Slope5-15mOWD/Good