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Aqua Ventura Diving PADI Adventure Dive

RAID Deep 40

  • Duration 2-3 Days
  • Min Age : 15+

Dive To 40m/140ft (Trimix Option)

At times, diving adventures call for exploration at the outer reaches of traditional recreational diving depths. In such cases, the RAID DEEP 40 specialty is your pathway to deeper waters while ensuring comfort and prioritizing safety throughout your dive.

The RAID DEEP 40 theory component equips you with the necessary knowledge to meticulously plan, prepare, and analyze your deep dive. This knowledge minimizes stress and confusion, enhancing the overall quality of your diving experiences.

This specialty course is open to any certified diver with the equivalent of a RAID Explorer 30 certification, providing an opportunity to expand your diving horizons with confidence and proficiency.

The Program Employs The Following

  • The history of deep diving
  • Why there has to be a reason to dive deep
  • Risk assessment for the deep
  • Your personal equipment
  • Specialized equipment for deep diving
  • Reviewing the physics for deep diving
  • Considerations for the physiology for deep diving
  • Managing planning procedures for deep diving
  • What you can do to further your knowledge and skill

Prerequisites (Air/Trimix)

  • Be 15 years of age or older.
  • Have a minimum of 8 hours logged underwater in an Open Water environment.
  • Hold a RAID Explorer 30 Specialty or higher, or an equivalent certification from a recognized training agency.
  • Be certified as a RAID Nitrox Diver or equivalent.
Practical Course Content
  • RAID On-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills as detailed.
  • Minimum of 2 hours logged underwater and four(4) open water training dives required.

Certification entitles the holder to dive in similar or better conditions without professional supervision to a maximum depth of 40 meters / 130 feet.

The certification is divided into:

  • Deep 40 Nitrox / air: use Nitrox up to maximum PO2 of 1.4
  • OR
  • Deep 40 Trimix; use Trimix with limitations: Oxygen partial pressure (PO2) must not exceed 1.4 ATM. The END / EAD for Trimix must not exceed 30 meters / 100 feet.

The RAID Deep 40 program with Aqua Ventura Divers is an advanced scuba diving course designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to safely and confidently explore deeper underwater environments. 

  1. Prerequisite Certification: Before enrolling in the RAID Deep 40 program, participants typically need to have completed their Open Water, Explorer 30, and Advanced 35 certifications. These prerequisites ensure that divers have a solid foundation in diving skills and experience.
  2. Age Requirement: Participants are typically required to be at least 18 years old, given the depth and complexity of deep diving.
  3. Focus on Deep Diving: The core focus of the RAID Deep 40 program is deep diving. Divers learn to safely explore depths of up to 40 meters (131 feet), which can open up new and unique underwater environments and marine life encounters.
  4. In-Depth Knowledge: The program emphasizes dive theory, gas management, and the physiological effects of deep diving. Participants gain a thorough understanding of how pressure, gas narcosis, and decompression considerations impact deep dives.
  5. Gas Management: Deep diving often involves the use of different gas mixtures, such as Nitrox or Trimix, to manage the effects of depth. Participants learn about gas planning, blending, and using the appropriate breathing gases for deep dives.
  6. Advanced Dive Planning: The course covers advanced dive planning techniques, including calculating bottom times, decompression stops, and ascent rates for deep dives. Effective dive planning is crucial for the safety and success of deep dives.
  7. Safety Procedures: Safety is a top priority in deep diving. Participants are trained in emergency procedures specific to deep dives, including managing gas supply, handling equipment failures, and responding to dive-related emergencies.
  8. Buoyancy Control: Advanced buoyancy control is essential for deep diving. Participants refine their buoyancy skills to achieve precise control at varying depths, allowing for safe and comfortable exploration.
  9. Practical Dives: The program includes practical deep dives, often conducted in open water environments. These dives provide hands-on experience and allow divers to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world deep diving scenarios.
  10. Certification: Upon successful completion of the RAID Deep 40 program, participants receive a certification recognized worldwide. This certification signifies that divers are qualified to conduct deep dives within the program’s depth limits.
  11. Exploration Opportunities: Deep diving opens up opportunities for exploring underwater wrecks, walls, caves, and other unique features that lie at greater depths. Participants gain access to a wider range of underwater environments and marine life.

Aqua Ventura Divers RAID Deep 40 program is an advanced scuba diving course that provides divers with the expertise and confidence needed to explore deeper underwater realms. It offers a comprehensive education in deep diving techniques, gas management, and safety protocols, preparing participants for thrilling and safe adventures in the depths of the ocean.


Price Includes

  • Scuba Equipment Rental
  • All required materials and equipment for the course, logbook
  • Dives with a RAID Instructor
  • All Government Taxes & Dive Site Fees


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