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Aqua Ventura PADI Dive Master

RAID Dive Master

  • Duration 2 Weeks (12-14 Days)
  • Min Age : 18+

RAID Divemaster

Becoming a RAID Divemaster is a prestigious achievement widely respected in the diving community and serves as the initial professional-level certification within the RAID system. Attaining the RAID Divemaster rating is a crucial step toward becoming a certified RAID Dive Instructor.

As a certified RAID Divemaster, you gain the ability to meticulously plan, coordinate, and lead dives for divers who have earned their certifications.

If you possess a deep love for diving and aspire to share your passion with others, or if you’re seeking an exhilarating career in the diving industry or the opportunity to explore the underwater wonders of Planet Ocean with a recognized professional qualification, then enrolling in a RAID Divemaster course is the ideal choice for you.


It is required to talk with your RAID Instructor or Dive Centre to get the full details of the requirements and prerequisites for this course.

The following is an indication of the requirements to become a RAID Divemaster. You must first complete as a minimum the following RAID courses (this information does not cover everything):

  • Open Water 20
  • Nitrox
  • Advanced 35
  • Deep 40
  • First Aid
  • Navigation
  • Master Rescue Diver

e also highly recommend you complete at least two other specialty ratings that will help build on your professional standing, such as those that may be useful and unique to your area of employment (e.g. Wreck Diver if your local region has a wreck site or Night and limited visibility Diver if there is a popular night dive in your vicinity).

You will require a minimum of 25 hours logged in-water experience and 60 logged dives in open water to become a RAID Divemaster. We feel this is essential to set you up for completing the course and to take on the necessary responsibilities that come with a professional level qualification. You will also need to have a diving medical less than 12 months old, that is signed-off on by a licensed medical practitioner.

Note that at RAID, we require a higher standard of training than most other diver training agencies at all levels. It is not that the RAID training is more difficult, it is just more comprehensive, and therefore we believe that we typically train better divers. If you have undertaken training from another training agency we do recognise this training; however in most instances, you will find you need to do some additional training prior to starting with RAID, especially if you have only fulfilled the minimum requirements required by most other agencies. For example, you will be required to provide documented evidence of at least 5 hours of diving to more than 27 meters / 90 feet and have been trained to 40 meters / 130 feet.

Also, at RAID, we do not feel good buoyancy control should be part of a specialty diver certification. If you have come through the RAID system, you would have been taught to hover in the horizontal diver position. If not, there will be a workshop provided to train you in this vital buoyancy skill.

Take a look at the exceptional buoyancy control RAID International Training Director, Paul Toomer demonstrates is possible for all divers while doing through a RAID Technical Diver skill circuit drill in shallow water.

RAID Divemaster Course Content

The RAID Divemaster course teaches you above all to be a leader among your peers and other divers generally. You will have the ability to lead and control dives, act as a safety and rescue person on organised dives, assist RAID Instructors in training and generally be in charge of organised dive activities.

Through a combination of our cutting edge online training and interaction with your RAID Instructor, your diving knowledge will be honed to a very high level, preparing you to look after others. This will ultimately prepare you for RAID Instructor training.

Your in-water skills will be refined to demonstration quality for dive students. You will also be prepared to support RAID Instructors during other practical parts of RAID training courses, including being trained to assess dive conditions and potential risks at dive sites.

Academic Section (all online)

Topics and practical workshops include:

  • Diving in General
  • Environment
  • Dive Equipment
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Rescue
  • Management
Practical Section
  • Review of personal diving skills
  • Stamina and water skills
  • Diver rescues
  • Dive briefing and dive site evaluations
  • Risk management exercises
  • Environment dive mapping
  • Assisting and conducting programs

Part 1: Supervision of Student Divers

  • Assist with Open Water 20 Training
  • Assist with Advanced Training
  • Assist with Master Rescue Training

Part 2: Dive Leadership

  • Scuba Refreshers
  • Try Dives
  • Local Area Orientations
  • Dive leading certified divers on tour for pleasure

The RAID Dive Master program with Aqua Ventura Divers is an advanced training course designed for divers who aim to become professional-level dive leaders. 

  1. Prerequisite Certification: Before enrolling in the RAID Dive Master program, participants typically need to have completed their RAID Master Rescue Diver certification or an equivalent diving certification recognized by RAID. This ensures that participants have a strong foundation in rescue skills and dive leadership.
  2. Role and Responsibility: The program prepares participants to take on the role of a Dive Master, which involves assuming leadership responsibilities during dive activities. Dive Masters are responsible for supervising dives, assisting instructors, and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of divers.
  3. Supervised Experience: Participants gain practical experience by assisting experienced instructors during training sessions and dive courses. This hands-on experience allows them to develop leadership and instructional skills.
  4. Dive Planning and Organization: Dive Masters learn how to plan and organize dives for certified divers. They are responsible for assessing dive conditions, selecting suitable dive sites, and creating dive plans that prioritize safety and fun.
  5. Emergency Response: Safety is paramount for Dive Masters. They are trained in advanced emergency response techniques, including managing dive-related incidents, providing first aid, and coordinating emergency evacuations when necessary.
  6. Guiding Certified Divers: Dive Masters lead dives for certified divers, providing guidance, pointing out interesting marine life, and ensuring that divers adhere to safe diving practices. They also assist with gear assembly and equipment checks.
  7. Environmental Awareness: The program emphasizes environmental conservation and responsible diving practices. Dive Masters are educated on protecting fragile underwater ecosystems and promoting sustainable diving.
  8. Effective Communication: Dive Masters develop strong communication skills to provide clear instructions and briefings to divers, ensuring they understand dive plans and safety protocols.
  9. Equipment Maintenance: Participants learn how to perform equipment maintenance and basic repairs, ensuring that dive gear is in safe and working condition.
  10. Leadership Skills: The program hones leadership skills, enabling Dive Masters to effectively lead and manage dive groups, adapt to changing conditions, and make informed decisions underwater.
  11. Certification: Upon successful completion of the RAID Dive Master program, participants receive a certification that recognizes them as qualified Dive Masters. This certification allows them to supervise and lead dive activities, making them essential team members in the diving industry.
  12. Pathway to Further Training: Becoming a Dive Master is often a stepping stone toward further professional diving qualifications, such as becoming a RAID Dive Instructor.

Aqua Ventura Divers RAID Dive Master program equips divers with the skills and knowledge needed to become professional dive leaders. It emphasizes leadership, safety, environmental stewardship, and practical experience, preparing participants for a rewarding career in the diving industry.


Price Includes

  • Scuba Equipment Rental (2 Weeks)
  • All required materials and equipment for the course
  • Dives with a RAID Instructor
  • All Government Taxes & Dive Site Fees


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