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Aqua Ventura PADI Rescue Diver Course

RAID Master Rescue Diver (Dauin Dives Only)

  • Duration 3 Days
  • Min Age : 15+

To become a proficient diver, your first priority should be self-care, followed by the ability to assist others in case of need. The RAID Master Rescue Diver course is indispensable for experienced divers, especially those who aspire to take on the responsibility of ensuring the safety of fellow divers. It serves as a prerequisite for pursuing professional-level training.

The ultimate goal of this course is to emphasize that the best rescue is one that can be prevented. Hence, the RAID Master Rescue Diver program places significant emphasis on risk assessment and advanced buoyancy control techniques to minimize the likelihood of needing to execute a rescue or be rescued.

This distinctive course is designed to foster confidence and competence. It equips you with the skills and knowledge required to respond effectively and safely to surface and underwater emergencies, all the way down to a maximum depth of 20 meters (66 feet).


  • To be a minimum of 15 years old.
  • Completed and passed Master Rescue academic section Quick Quiz and Exam.
  • Have a minimum of 12 hours logged underwater whilst using open circuit equipment.
  • Have a RAID Advanced 35 (Open Water) or Explorer 30 certification or equivalent certification from a recognized training agency.
  • Have a current rescue Breathing/CPR and oxygen provider certificate from a recognized authority.
  • Documented proof of prerequisite requirements need to be presented to the appointed Dive Centre for approval before any in-water training is conducted.

The RAID Master Rescue course teaches you above all how to minimize the risk of a rescue needing to be performed, and in the event of a rescue, being able to quickly and effectively provide assistance to the diver/s in distress.

Through a combination of our cutting edge online training and interaction with your RAID Instructor, your diving knowledge will be honed to a very high level, preparing you to look after others. This will ultimately prepare you for RAID Divemaster training.

Academic Section (all online)

Topics and practical workshops include:

  • Diving in General
  • Environment
  • Dive Equipment
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Rescue
  • Management
  • Confined Water (academics)
  • Open Water (academics)

Practical Section

  • Review of personal diving skills
  • Stamina and water skills
  • Artificial Respiration
  • Site management skills
  • Development of diver rescue and emergency skills

The RAID Master Rescue Diver program with Aqua Ventura Divers is an advanced scuba diving course that focuses on equipping divers with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to a wide range of underwater and surface emergencies. 

  1. Prerequisite Certification

    Before enrolling in the RAID Master Rescue Diver program, participants typically need to have completed their Open Water, Explorer 30, and Advanced 35 certifications. These prerequisites ensure that divers have a solid foundation in diving skills and experience.

  2. Age Requirement

    Participants are typically required to be at least 18 years old, as this course involves complex scenarios and a high level of responsibility.

  3. In-Depth Knowledge

    The program delves into comprehensive dive theory, emergency management, and risk assessment. Participants gain a deep understanding of the various factors that can lead to emergencies and accidents while diving.

  4. Advanced Rescue Techniques

    The Master Rescue Diver course teaches advanced rescue techniques both underwater and on the surface. Participants learn how to handle various emergency scenarios, including panicked divers, unresponsive divers, and missing divers. These skills are crucial for ensuring the safety of fellow divers.

  5. Emergency Response Planning

    Participants are trained to develop emergency response plans and to execute them effectively. This includes organizing search and rescue operations, providing first aid, and managing emergency situations until professional help arrives.

  6. Stress Management

    The course places a strong emphasis on stress management and how to remain calm and composed during emergency situations. Effective communication and decision-making under pressure are essential skills that divers develop.

  7. Risk Assessment

    Participants learn to identify potential risks before they escalate into emergencies. The course emphasizes proactive risk assessment and strategies to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.

  8. Buoyancy Control

    Advanced buoyancy control is a critical component of the Master Rescue Diver program. Participants refine their buoyancy skills, enabling them to execute precise rescue maneuvers while minimizing any further risk to the victim.

  9. Realistic Scenarios

    The program incorporates realistic rescue scenarios both in the pool and in open water environments. These scenarios challenge divers to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting.

  10. Maximum Depth

    The RAID Master Rescue Diver program typically covers rescue scenarios in depths of up to 20 meters (66 feet), ensuring that participants are prepared for emergencies in various diving environments.

  11. Certification

    Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive the RAID Master Rescue Diver certification, which is internationally recognized. This certification marks a significant milestone in a diver’s training and is a testament to their competence in handling dive-related emergencies.

Aqua Ventura Divers RAID Master Rescue Diver program   is a comprehensive and intensive course that prepares divers to respond effectively to a wide range of underwater and surface emergencies. It instills confidence, advanced rescue skills, and a heightened sense of responsibility, making participants valuable assets in dive teams and promoting a culture of safety in the diving community.


Price Includes

  • Scuba Equipment Rental (3 Days)
  • All required materials and equipment for the course
  • Dives with a Dive Instructor
  • All Government Taxes & Dive Site Fees


  • $474 | PROMO $431
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